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Ningbo jinxin Powder Matallurgy Co., established in August of 1994. The company is a national high-tech enterprise and the center of municipal engineering (technical) in Ningbo.And it is one of the strongest company of the 30 strong enterprises of Jiangbei District in Ningbo.

At present,the company is one of domestic large powder metallurgical machinery parts manufacturing enterprises.The products apply to many fields, such as automobile, motorcycle, diesel engine, washing machine, industrial and mining machinery,etc. extensively.And the company is supporting supplier for Shanghai gm, Liuzhou general WuLing, Hainan Mazda, geely automobile, BYD autos, Great Wall motors, Shenyang brilliance auto manufacturer.The mainly products of the company are Valve-seat ring, air valve guide, and it has a high percentage in the domestic market,some are also sold to Japanese, American and Mideast.What’more....

  • Motor engine race

  • Automobile engine race

  • Automobile engine duct

  • Speed change gear set of powder metallurgy

  • Structural pieces of tool-cate gory powder metallurgy

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